Bordex Packaging launches complete series of EcoFit® meal trays

The new series of EcoFit® meal trays is the answer to the growing demand for thinner, more sustainable packaging. This innovative technology allows Bordex Packaging to produce meal trays that are up to 30% lighter. The trays combine the weight properties of thermoforming with the advantages of conventional injection moulding technology. The new series is available with 1, 2 or 3-compartments and various depths (ranging from 30 mm to 80 mm).

Unique injection moulding technology

Developed and patented by Bordex Packaging, the unique Flow Moulding technology has several significant advantages over traditional injection moulding technology. It is up to 30% lighter than similar injection moulded packaging. Our revolutionary EcoFit® technology guarantees the positive properties of injection moulding while using much less material, resulting in a packaging solution that meets the growing demand for sustainable packaging at an attractive price.

An excellent solution for both hot and cold applications

Our extensive range of EcoFit® meal packaging (the M series) is an excellent solution for both hot and cold applications. The trays are dimensionally stable and easy to separate, making them perfect for automated processing. Available in various depths, the trays can have 1, 2 or 3 compartments. The entire M series can be sealed or fitted with a polypropylene lid. The series is available in the colours crystal clear or black and can be fully customised with options such as in-mould labelling to match the in-store communication of your product or brand.

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