PET ‘Fruits ‘n Veggies’ series: now also available in cost-effective 16 and 20 oz. versions

Our versatile PET ‘Fruits ‘n Veggies’ glasses are a highly practical, attractive and safe solution for presenting snack vegetables, smoothies, slush puppies or other liquid snacks. PET has outstanding properties: it is safe, unbreakable and splinter-free. The glasses are perfectly stackable and sealable. Our ‘Fruits ‘n Veggies’ glasses are crystal clear, lightweight, and easy to use!

Bordex manufactures the PET ‘Straight’ series efficiently in modern production facilities, using the latest and fastest Gabler machines. Based on increasing demand for cheap and affordable cups with more content (16 and 20 oz.), we decided to invest in our own moulds for the 16 oz. (470 cc) and 20 oz. (590 cc) versions. Both products have been added to the range as of this month. They are not new capacities sizes, but a good, affordable alternative to our existing (and now removed from the product range) versions. Both sizes are 92.7 mm in diameter and are packaged per 1,000 cups. Both cups are available with either flat or dome lids.

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