PP360® Hardcups

In order to recycle plastic well it is important to create streams of waste that are as ‘mono’ as possible (made up of one sort of plastic). The process of separating waste is then much simpler. Packaging and disposables made from 100% PET are therefore extraordinarily suitable for recycling. A mix of recycled and new PET has been common in production for a very long time, and the proportion of recycled PET has been increasing in recent years. The launch of PET360® now makes it possible to produce beer glasses, shakers and trays from 100% post-consumer PET. It is surprisingly clear, strong and 100% food safe. A real breakthrough in the development of sustainable packaging.

PET360® beer cups recycled PET

PET360® glasses: the perfect solution for sustainable events

A large part of the waste generated at events consists of glasses for beer and other drinks. Dealing with this waste the right way is now an accepted part of European event culture. PET360® glasses for beer and other drinks are made from 100% recycled PET waste and can be collected for the production of new glasses. After the event, the PET waste is cleaned, ground and converted into new PET360® granulate; the raw material for new beer glasses. Not a grain of new PET is added and even the offcuts are carefully collected and processed ensuring that the PET360® thermoforming process is 100% cradle to cradle.

Substantial ambition for sustainability

The commercialisation of PET360® (100% renewable and recyclable PET) is a significant breakthrough in recycling. In the next few years, Bordex Packaging will be reducing more and more the use of new PET in glasses, containers and cups. Our aim is to reduce the use of virgin PET to zero by 2027. The introduction of PET360® is an important step in achieving this.


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