Looking for a sustainable alternative to plastic packaging? Thanks to its innovative SinterCell™ technology, Bordex Packaging will soon have a trump card up its sleeve. The technology consists of a unique fiber moulding process with in-mould drying that begins with pulp preparation and extends to the actual finished product. Produced in innovative high-speed fiber moulding machines, which create a fibrous material with novel, practical, and environmentally friendly properties.

Sustainable alternative to plastic

SinterCell™ is a perfect substitute for plastics based on price, properties and sustainability. Truly one of a kind, since the combination of revolutionary moulds, a unique production process, and the use of the greenest raw material sets the end products apart from otherSinterCell™ commonly available fiber products. Less energy is required to produce the raw material (BCTMP pulp), and the material has a five times higher yield from trees compared to other pulp alternatives. The end products have good strength, are easily compostable and are excellently recyclable. The raw material value never runs out. Bordex Packaging will showcase its first ‘engineered cellulose’ packaging solutions at Interpack 2023. In addition, Hoting Innovations will be showing the very latest SinterCell™ 200 machine at the Bordex stand. This will set a new standard for food packaging production using cellulose fibers as a natural raw material.

About Hoting Innovations AB  and SCE-Technology BV

The SinterCell™ Technology has been developed by Hoting Innovations‘ R&D team. They are making this technology available to the packaging industry worldwide, offering ready-made solutions for transitioning from disposable plastic packaging to carbon-neutral solutions based on engineered cellulose. Hoting Innovations will begin assembling the production machines in Sweden in Q4. The latest high-speed fiber moulding machine, the SinterCell™ 200, will roll off the line at the end of this year. SCE Technology BV will be the exclusive distributor of the SinterCell™ production technology for the European market.

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