Food Service

The best presentation and protection

Meticulously packaging drinks, meals, fruit, vegetables and snacks to meet all requirements. This makes an important contribution to the quality enhancement of your products. It also provides clear added value in terms of presentation, protection and hygienic processing.

Sales-boosting solutions

The perfect packaging is optimized for logistical processing, cost-effective and projects the right image. In the right combination, that can result in increased sales, especially if it is also attractively priced!

Flexible logistics

Our account managers know better than anyone that food service is all about speed and flexibility. That is why our sales organisation is designed to adapt and provide the right solution at any given time. That is how we unburden our customers!

Innovative and appealing

The food service and convenience markets are constantly evolving. Changing consumer demands and new trends require innovative, increasingly appealing packaging. Our trend watchers identify developments which we translate into solutions which are innovative and appealing in both shape and appearance.


To provide the best solutions for your market, we study the entire process from production to presentation. Working closely with you, our specialists provide solutions which perfectly match your products and way of working.

Communicative impact

The packaging’s appealing shape, choice of material and colour scheme combined with the advertising options make all the difference in presentation, and that translates to sales. Bordex Packaging offers labelling and printing techniques to give your quality products the appearance they deserve. We make sure your message reaches your customers!

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Bordex Packaging is working on sustainable solutions.

Plastic can be cradle to cradle!

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