EcoSlim® Non-PVC film

Smart and responsible packaging!

Packaging various types of food products with EcoSlim®, our crystal-clear polyolefin stretch film, is a smart and environmentally-responsible packaging method. Products of any fat content can be packaged successfully due to the excellent stretch properties.  EcoSlim® Non-PVC film is also more environmentally friendly and attractively priced. Printing in up to six colours provides extra brand promotional value. Smart and responsible!

Excellent choice

EcoSlim® contains no chlorine or harmful solvents and is 100% recyclable. That means less waste, which is better for the environment. A second advantage over the traditional stretch films is the lower density in combination with increased stretch properties. This results in considerable material savings. EcoSlim® is an excellent choice from both ecological and commercial perspectives.

High brand-promotional value

A third good reason to choose EcoSlim® is the option of printing the material in up to six colours. The film can be supplied with your own logo, pay-off, product name, special campaign or other message. Your own eye-catching and unique printing combined with the films excellent properties ensure that your products will stand out on the supermarket shelves.

Compliance with strict legislation

Our EcoSlim® stretch film satisfies the highest quality requirements and is certified according to the strictest European and international standards.

The films are intended for industrial use and are available in various standard widths from 250 up to 600 mm. For more information on the benefits and possibilities of EcoSlim® Non-PVC film, please contact us.


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