Pulsar Soul®

Bordex Packaging has developed a new range of PET glassware for wine, beer and soft drinks: the innovative Pulsar Soul series. A complete line of plastic cups with unique, innovative features. The user’s taste experience and perception was central to the development of the series, so each glass type is tailored to a particular beverage.

Unique, innovative features

By integrating the stacking feature into the base, completely new shape possibilities were created. The smooth lines in combination with an optically thick base are a true ode to the classic drinking glass. All the glasses have a new, narrow rim, ensuring a pleasant drinking experience. The nestable chalice shape feels great in the hand. A glass in which every drink can be both admired and enjoyed.

Complete series plastic cups!

Pulsar Soul Glasses from Bordex Packaging ensure a perfect presentation. The drinking and beer glasses are available in 4 popular sizes. From the 0.15/0.2L small juice and wine glasses (0.25L full rim) to the extra large 0.4L beer glass (0.55L full rim). In addition, there is a wide range of lids available. Domed or flat and the choice of a closed lid or with a round opening.

Plastic glasses, PET, beerglas

PET, sustainable!

The application of several technical innovations made it possible to bring together design, ergonomics and sustainability in a harmonious way. In a world where sustainability plays an increasingly important role, PET’s greatest advantage is emerging. PET is fully,100 percent recyclable. Due to these material properties, Pulsar Soul cups lend themselves well for use in new ecosystems.

Interested or any questions?

If you have questions about our new ‘Soul’ series or would like to receive some samples, please feel free to contact Sales Support. Phone 055-5996500 or email.



  • Unique (chalice) shape for a better taste experience
  • Robust looks with a special domed base.
  • Stacks perfectly and releases smoothly
  • Innovative, subtle design. Sits perfectly in the hand.
  • New, narrow rim. Guarantees a pleasant drinking experience


PET drinking glasses

PET: product +

  • Crystal clear
  • Maintains taste properties
  • Fully recyclable
  • Unbreakable
  • Printable

Bordex Packaging is working on sustainable solutions.

Plastic can be cradle to cradle!

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