NPD: New Packaging Development

Bordex: unique in product development

At Bordex Packaging, we specialise in the complete design, development and production process of commercial packaging solutions. This requires knowhow, facilities and a clear product development vision. This is exactly what our experts are good at. We think proactively on serviceability and efficiency. We bring the right knowledge, assets and partners together to attain the best solutions in a clear development process.

Creative platform

Innovation goes beyond designing an appealing new shape or improving an old one. It is the complete, creative and responsible approach to all aspects involved in the development and commercialisation of new or improved product packaging: from shape to material choice and from production process to recycling possibilities. Bordex is always looking ahead.

Project team

For every development project, we assemble a well-rounded project team that fits the client. Our project leader manages an experienced team of designers, engineers and QA, production, and sales specialists in order to optimise aspects such as scope of investment, commercial underpinning, lead time and logistical process and product quality.


As a leading packaging provider, we have extensive in-house knowledge of products, designs and technology. The development of new products is best achieved by teamwork. We carry out the process from start to finish together with our customers, suppliers, research institutes and partners throughout the entire chain. We involve retailers, packers and end users in the process. With input from all throughout the chain we, as project manager and process supervisor, can realise the best solution for every possible application. Teamwork is the key success factor!

Clear development process

The success of product development hinges on a development process that remains clear at all times. Our project managers have years of experience in directing a well-organised process. A process that remains both clear and measureable in every stage. We safeguard the entire process with built-in, structural monitoring and meetings, by collecting information and input, giving feedback at any time, and holding regular brainstorm sessions.


Unique NPD process

From generating ideas to the final product on the shelves; as supply chain manager, we provide viable solutions in a clear step-by-step plan. Together with our customers, we translate ideas based on design briefs, trends and market developments. We utilise our own knowledge and experience to reach a concrete product design. Important aspects such as the choice of optimal production facilities are also part of the process. We monitor the speed and efficiency of the development process using aspects such as structural evaluation and test samples.

With our keen focus on the various markets, we develop packaging that perfectly fits our customers’ logistical and commercial requirements, markets and business operations. To find out more please contact us.

Bordex Packaging is working on sustainable solutions.

Plastic can be cradle to cradle!

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