Inflight catering

Packaging that makes inflight catering even better

Airlines rightly set high standards for weight reduction, processability and brand communication in their inflight catering. Bordex Packaging manufactures reliable packaging solutions to match the required quality level down to the last detail. We package over 50 million inflight meals worldwide every year!

Lightweight protection

Minimum weight without making quality concessions is essential in airline catering. We are constantly researching new materials and production techniques to find the perfect balance between weight reduction and maximum protection of the meals.

Appealing presentation

The consumer experience plays an important role in inflight catering. Appearance and convenience need to perfectly match the on-board quality level. Our laminated polyester film (Bordanil Airflight®) for sealing meal trays is appealing and regarded by both passengers and cabin crew to be extremely user friendly.

Processable and safe

Safety and user friendliness are high priorities for on-board meals and packaging. The high demands we set for our packaging make that possible. Bordex Packaging’s products are quickly processable and minimize personal risks caused by issues such as overheating.

Brand communication

We have a large number of techniques at our disposal for printing packaging, e.g. our unique laminated polyester film  which satisfies all requirements when combined with CPET ovenable trays. The packaging becomes a high-quality communication vehicle which communicates airlines’ values and brand positioning.

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