Bordex Packaging launches the PressurePack microwave packaging. The new concept includes a valve in the rim of the tray that allows for controlled pressure build-up during filling, heating or cooking of meals. The patented system steams the meals to perfection and ensures optimal flavour retention and a crunchy bite.

No positive- or negative pressure

Heating up pre-cooked meals is an important step in achieving a tasty meal. It is all about maintaining quality, flavour and nutritional value. PressurePack helps with this. The patented system guarantees the correct pressure during heating, without any positive- or negative pressure. The innovative EasySteam Valve, integrated in the rim, guarantees a controlled release of air. A separate valve or piercing too many, or too few holes, in the film to prevent the accumulation of water vapour or too much pressure is now a thing of the past. The meal is heated under the best (controlled) conditions; not too dry or too sticky.

Simple operation

Immediately after preparing the meal, the tray is sealed, with the smart EasySteam Valve controlling the excess pressure being discharged. As soon as the meal has cooled down sufficiently, the valve closes into the ‘closed mode’. The horizontal position of the valve is rotated 90° to a vertical position. The tray is thus completely closed and free of any air. The tamper-evident closure guarantees the one-time use. Before the end user heats up the meal, the tamper-evident seal needs to be broken. The meal can now be put in the microwave.


The PressurePack is not only designed for heating up meals, but can also cook fresh and raw ingredients quickly and easily. The fully controlled steam transfer ensures that the meal is cooked in no time. The EasySteam valve guarantees exactly the right pressure. Vitamins, minerals and flavour are well preserved. You’ll have a perfectly prepared, fresh meal on the table in just a few minutes.

Effective use of materials

The PressurePack system with its air-in, steam-out system is also suitable for autoclaving and pasteurising. The smart system ensures that just the right amount of air is added during the heating of a meal. If the pressure becomes too high, the correct amount of steam is discharged and vice versa. Adding extra material for more strength of the tray walls is therefore not an issue. In addition, our EcoFit technology ensures that the trays are lighter than a standard tray.

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