Food Industry

Packaging that has it all

The best packaging for the food industry is all inclusive: intuitive design, ease of use and optimum protective properties; it is sustainable, lightweight and easy to process. The price is kept as competitive as possible!

100% win-win

Our success formula in the food industry: the best results are achieved together. We form a partnership with our customers and achieve a win-win situation as a team. We contribute the knowhow, technology, production facilities and preferred suppliers to the partnership, using refreshing common sense to make every project a success.

Optimal processability

An important condition for the reduction of logistics costs is optimum transport and processing efficiency. Our packaging complies with all size guidelines. It is lightweight and perfectly matches every logistics sector standard.

Standard or specific?

In many cases, a standard solution will suffice. We provide a large number of standard series which have more than proven their quality, effectiveness and added value in practice. For specific requirements, we can often offer unexpected custom solutions. As supply chain manager, we provide viable solutions in a clear step-by-step plan from idea generation to the final product on the shelves.

Short development times

Fast Packaging means that new packaging can be relatively quickly and cheaply developed, allowing us to respond even more effectively to packaging trends. The use of aluminium moulds shortens lead-times considerably. We are capable of developing and producing a completely new type of packaging within four weeks, at a relatively low investment cost. This is real added value when launching new concepts.

Full range of packaging solutions

From the revolutionary non-PVC machine film to the crystal-clear PP EcoFit series: Bordex Packaging offers a full range of packaging solutions to make the presentation of high-quality products even more appealing and with better protection.

Ecological aspects

Sustainability and minimum environmental impact play a large role in the packaging industry. When it comes to responsible production, we set the bar high for ourselves and for our preferred suppliers. Reduced material use and sustainable production techniques are key issues here.

Flexible logistics

We believe in direct contact and short communication lines. We work with fixed contacts in our readily accessible sales organisation. Our account managers are experienced team players who can approach problems at any level and work with you to find the best solution.

Competitive pricing

Reduced material use and improved production techniques are not only better for the environment, they also guarantee extremely attractive pricing.

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