Plastic packaging and disposables are indispensable, but the use of plastics does carry responsibilities with it, for people and the environment. No-one wants to see plastic waste in the sea or on the beach. As a packaging specialist, we’re constantly working on the development of sustainable solutions.

The life cycle of plastic has to be improved.

Plastic packaging and disposables are indispensable. They keep our food fresh and protect it while it is being transported. They provide hygienic and unbreakable PET-glasses as a safe alternative for glasses. Plastic is lightweight, safe and versatile. Plastic packaging therefore offers many advantages for consumers and industry.

Dealing with waste

Plastic is a recyclable, valuable resource that can be reused as part of the circular economy but its management at the end of its useful life can be improved. How do we deal with waste? We need to recycle plastic packaging and reuse it as often as possible in order to extend its useful life.

Bordex Packaging uses plastics more effectively!

Bordex Packaging designs and creates sustainable packaging solutions, such as single-use packaging that can be recycled as effectively as possible. We’re also making packaging thinner and lighter with our EcoFit technology and we take recycling into account even in the design phase.

Better for the economy and the environment

We’re therefore taking measures to ensure that we use plastics more effectively and that the packaging industry as a whole evolves into a circular economy. That doesn’t just mean that the environment benefits, there are economic advantage as well. Better recycling means lower costs and much less waste

Circular economy

PET360® glasses. 100% recycled

Until recently, a lot of plastic glasses were just thrown away after use. Processing that waste costs a great deal of energy and valuable raw materials are also lost, which is bad for people and the environment. The switch to a circular from a linear system is therefore a must. With PET360® we can recycle 100% of disposable glasses and make new ones from the waste.

The circle is complete

PET360® is a real breakthrough in the development of sustainable packaging. Glasses from recycled PET can also be offered for recycling again after use. They can be used as raw material for new glasses via a closed system: the proof that plastic can be circular. We have therefore taken a great step towards the ultimate objective: zero impact on nature.

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Bordex Packaging is working on sustainable solutions.

Plastic can be cradle to cradle!

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