Bordanil Inflight HT®

Packaging that makes inflight catering even better

Bordanil Inflight HT®

Weight reduction is critical for catering on board aeroplanes. Environmentally-friendly meal packaging is also in line with the pursuit of sustainability and minimal environmental impact. From a sustainability point of view, lightweight disposable packaging performs better than reusable packaging. Bordex Packaging has developed a Laminated Polyester Film (Bordanil Inflight HT®) with custom printing, which, when combined with CPET ovenable trays, satisfies all requirements and more.


Our Bordanil Inflight HT® film was developed as the optimal seal for lightweight ovenable trays, which make inflight catering easier and safer. The film is self-ventilating. As the trays are heated in the oven, the steam is able to escape easily through the film. The degree of ventilation can be precisely adjusted by the meal manufacturer during the sealing process.

Easy to open

After heating, the film is easy to remove. The speed of that process reduces the processing time and allows all meals in a batch to be served as quickly as possible, without loss of quality. It is advisable to thaw the meals before use in order to get the most out of the film’s self-ventilating capability and ease of removal.

Appealing brand-communication vehicle

Not only is Bordanil Inflight HT® film safe and easy to use, it also provides added value as a brand-communication vehicle. The film can be printed in full colour to further enhance the presentation of the meals on board.

Food safe

Bordanil Inflight HT® film can be used at temperatures ranging from -18 °C to 175 °C. Printed or unprinted, the film meets the strictest EU food-safety standards. The film has all the usual certification.


Bordanil Inflight HT® film retains its optimal condition during storage for no less than one year. Optimum storage conditions are: away from direct sunlight at temperatures ranging from
0 °C – 40 °C with a humidity of 40 – 70%.

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Bordanil Inflight HT Film

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