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How do we do that?

The best results are achieved together. Inspire us with your products and markets. We design innovative packaging solutions together with our customers and partners throughout the entire chain. This leads to the decisions that provide the desired results.

Trend watchers

To us, innovation means always remaining focused on new materials, shapes, techniques and applications. We study effective possibilities in logistics and presentation, choose sustainable materials and invest in the development of new production techniques, such as our revolutionary EcoFit® technology.

Chain integration

We believe in the power of teamwork. As supply chain manager, we gather the right specialists together throughout the entire chain. The combination of knowledge, experience and insight results in packaging solutions which excel throughout the processes of production, storage, transport, processing and presentation.

Improved materials and technology

New materials and innovative technology continuously increase the possibilities for processing and presenting food products, reducing weight and minimizing our CO2 footprint.


We are continuously researching new materials and applications. We don’t do this alone; we have access to a global network of specialists in various industries which we can call upon, delivering results that give your products added value.

The best production partners

We can count on the best production partners for all types of materials, processes and applications. Our production facilities and international suppliers work closely together. We care about the best results!

Bordex Packaging is working on sustainable solutions.

Plastic can be cradle to cradle!

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