Bordex Packaging continues support of De Kap Foundation in Apeldoorn

Bordex Packaging’s annual Bordex B-surprised event has become a tradition. This is the fifth consecutive year that we have supported a number of charities, underlining our social commitment which has become an essential part of our entrepreneurship. Last year, the charity committee decided to stay ‘close to home’ and chose the De Kap Foundation in Apeldoorn.

The De Kap Foundation has been active in informal care for over 45 years in approximately 2,200 home care situations. The support centre for informal care provides support to nearly 800 informal caregivers and the foundation’s volunteer emergency service has 560 active volunteers.  They provide support at home in situations where there is little or no social network and often limited financial resources.

Last year we were able to support a number of residents of Apeldoorn with urgently needed supplies. We feel so committed to the foundation that we have once again decided to select 5 – 10 people or families who qualify for some extra support. We will make their wishes come true as quickly as possible, preferably before Christmas.

In closing, I would like to thank you on behalf of the entire Bordex Packaging team for the exceptionally pleasant cooperation in 2015. We wish you a happy holiday season and a successful 2016, both businesswise and personally. Our entire team looks forward to being of service to you once again in 2016.

Kind regards,

Bert Hengeveld
Managing Director
Bordex Packaging

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