Fast Packaging & EcoFit®. A strong combination

Product lifecycles are getting shorter, and packaging lifecycles are shortening along with them. As a result, demand for faster launches and shorter time-to-market is rising. The combination of Fast Packaging & EcoFit® is perfect for a fast product launch. The concept enables rapid response to market developments and makes it relatively cheap to bring a first series to market.

EcoFit®: the next generation of injection moulding

During production of EcoFit® trays, the injection moulds start the injection moulding cycle slightly open. This allows the material to be injected at a lower pressure, using up to thirty percent less plastic. The EcoFit® technology also achieves significant savings in cycle times and energy use.

Low-cost mould concept: good, fast, and relatively cheap

Together with the mould manufacturer, Bordex Packaging developed innovative moulds which are not only a lot faster to produce, but are also a lot cheaper than traditional production moulds. That makes them perfect for launching innovative concepts, where sale certainty plays an important role. Once the launch has proven successful, the customer can opt to purchase a definitive mould. The costs are higher, but it allows the production of much larger series.

The ideal two-stage rocket

Depending on product and mould complexity, delivery time for injection moulding packaging used to be around five months. With Fast Packaging, this has been pushed back to six weeks. You start out with the low-cost mould concept which lowers the investment risk. Once the product takes off, you can switch to a more sustainable mould for large runs.

Food producers and retail organisations are starting to discover the new technology, and various custom-made EcoFit® packaging can now be found in stores.

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