Innovative and effective top seal solution? Choose Mylar Ovenable Films

Mylar® polyester film is a top quality top seal and flowpack film with excellent protective properties. In retail shelves and freezers, as well as ovens. The film consistently provides an attractive presentation and optimal protection of your product. Bordex Packaging is one of the largest suppliers of these versatile films in the Benelux countries.

The perfect added-value seal!

The various Mylar® series (OL/OLAF, OL2) are suitable for sealing a wide range of packaging in several common materials, such as PP, CPET and APET. The airtight seal and the high barrier ensure the desired shelf life of your fresh produce. What’s more, Mylar® films don’t absorb microwaves. Therefore, all the energy goes directly to heating the food. The crystal clear, smooth material ensures your products are very attractively presented. It’s also suitable for full colour printing.


Unique properties

The food industry is increasingly looking at what happens with packaging after it has fulfilled its function. Improved recyclability through, for example, the use of mono materials is becoming increasingly important, especially to meet recycling specifications. The physical demands on films are therefore also increasing. Mylar® meets the highest standards of safety and product quality. Available in different versions and thicknesses, each with its own unique properties. For example, with variable peel strengths, heat and cold resistance, as well as versions to minimise condensation (AF). With the correct top sealing film, your food products can be quickly packaged, frozen or cooked in the oven.


Mylar® polyester film is the best choice of top seal! Find out what we can do for your business.

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