PET360® cups, the best option for circular use

Circular PET360® cups from Bordex Packaging have outstanding properties and have therefore often become irreplaceable. As part of a circular economy, they are excellent for use at festivals and other events, provided that they are fully recycled. After use, they have to be collected quickly and efficiently for recycling, so that the post-consumer PET waste can be fully used again for new cups.

Optimal separation of waste by means of a watermark

Recycling starts with optimal sorting. In view of the great interest in PET360® cups, Bordex Packaging is looking for new, more efficient solutions in addition to manual sorting. The solution is now within easy reach: a digital watermark that can easily be applied during the production of the PET cups. Each cup now has its own DNA, so to speak. The watermark, developed by Filigrade, makes it possible to invisibly mark plastic cups in several places. This allows the cups to be completely automatically sorted and reused. This means that PET360® waste will soon be even more easily converted into new, valuable raw material. Waste, after all, represents economic value.

Faster, more efficient sorting!

The tests for sorting circular cups and other plastic packaging with interactive watermarks have now been successfully completed at the Tomra innovation centre in Koblenz, Germany. This brings us one step closer to being able to sort all kinds of plastics with interactive watermarks. It is expected that by the end of 2019 the first waste processor will be fully operational using this advanced sorting technique.

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