‘Strawless’ PET lids as an alternative to plastic straws

From 2021, there will be a ban on plastic straws within the EU. That is why many companies are already taking straws out of circulation, and that in itself is great news. Plastic straws contribute significantly to the plastic soup. The question arises as to whether a good alternative is available. Bordex Packaging has the solution! A new series of crystal-clear ‘Strawless lids’ that make it easy to sip your soft drink, tea, iced coffee or shake while you’re on the go.

Carefree enjoyment of the tastiest Shakes

The new ‘strawless’ lids not only protect the contents, but also seal the cups perfectly. And thanks to the handy drinking spout, a plastic straw is no longer needed! Customers can now enjoy their drinks, right down to the last drop. Also great: both the APET shakers and lids are 100% recyclable. After use, they can be collected for reuse. You’ve got to feel good about that.

2 versions, 3 popular diameters!

The ‘Strawless’ APET lids from Bordex Packaging are available in three different diameters; 78mm, 93mm en 95mm. So there’s a lid available for almost every cup. The series is available in two versions; ‘Sipper’ (drinking spout) and ‘Can’ (drink can effect). This way you can enjoy delicious cold drinks on the road without spilling!

Are you interested or do you have questions?

If you have any questions about our Strawless lids, please feel free to contact us directly via telephone (+31 (0)55 599 65 00) or email.


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