Pulsar Soul. Finally – A cup that can be called a glass

Bordex Packaging and Amhil Europa have developed a new series of PET glassware: The innovative Pulsar Soul series. A complete line of plastic glasses for wine, beer and soft drinks, with unique, innovative features. Each cup type is suitable for a specific type of beverage and enhances the taste experience of the user.

Dutch Design

The series was developed by Bordex Packaging in collaboration with professionals from the Dutch packaging industry. Thorough knowledge of the target audience, innovative product development and a distinctive design have resulted in a line of cups that is ready for the future.


The stacking feature is integrated into the base to create new shape possibilities. The smooth lines in combination with the optical thick base are a true ode to the classic drinking glass. All glasses feature a new, narrow rim, for a pleasant drinking experience. The glass has a comfortably chalice shape for easy handling. In other words, a perfect glass to present beverages in and drink from!

A complete line, also with print!

Pulsar Soul drinking and beer glasses are available in various sizes. From small juice and wine glasses, with a capacity of 0.15/0.2L, to extra-large beer glasses (0.4/0.55L full rim). A high-quality print can be added to the glasses. You can print your own logo of message, with up to 6 PMS colours.

PET: sustainable and safe

PET drinking glasses are crystal clear, light-weight and shatter-proof. This makes them 100% safe to use. Because of the clear material, the beverage is presented and tastes perfectly. The sustainability of the material is also an advantage. PET glasses are fully recyclable and can be reused for different products.

Made in Europe

The innovative Soul range is manufactured by Amhil Europa (Poland). Using the newest Gabler thermoforming machines and the latest technologies, we can produce high-grade PET glasses. Because of the unique characteristics of the line, a European patent has been applied for three elements, including the unique shape of the glass and the stacking feature in the base.

Are you interested or do you have questions?

If you have any questions about our new ‘Soul’ series or would like to receive some samples, please feel free to contact us directly via telephone (+31 (0)55 599 65 00) or email.

 About Bordex Packaging

Designing, developing and realising innovative packaging and disposables has been in our genes for more than forty years. Bordex has the know-how, the people and the facilities to find a solution with added value for every challenge. Visit our website: www.bordexpackaging.com


 About Amhil:

Amhil is a leading plastics manufacturing company focused on delivering best value solutions to the foodservice market in Europe and North America. Amhil is part of Wentworth Technologies’ Foodservice Group which includes Amhil Europa, Amhil North America and Polifolia. Partnering with world class technology partners, Amhil and the broader Wentworth Foodservices Group offer a breadth of industry leading products including disposable cups, lids and food packaging. For more information, visit www.amhil.eu, www.amhil.com, www.polifolia.com.



Pulsar Soul: product+

  • Unique (chalice) shape for an improved taste experience
  • Sturdy look because of the special base with dome effect
  • Easily detachable & stackable
  • Innovative, sleek design. Good handling features
  • New, narrow rim. Guarantees a great drinking experience


PET: product+

  • Crystal clear
  • Retains taste properties
  • Fully recyclable
  • Unbreakable
  • Printable

Bordex Packaging is working on sustainable solutions.

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