Unique EcoFit® injection moulding technology

Bordex Packaging developed EcoFit® as the answer to the growing demand for thinner, more sustainable packaging. EcoFit® is an exclusive and unique technology that combines the cost-effective and sustainable product properties of thermoforming with the advantages of conventional injection moulding technology.

Important advantages

Flow Moulding, the unique technology developed and patented by Bordex, has a number of significant advantages over traditional injection moulding technology. The resulting product weighs 30% less than traditional injection moulded packaging, yet remains optimally sturdy and dimensionally stable, and extremely evenly partitioned. In-mould labelling with up to six colours provides appealing brand-communication options that convey the right image. The EcoFit® process also has no limitations regarding the model or use of colour in the base material.

More efficient technology

The extremely versatile EcoFit® technology is based on an injection moulding technique where the moulds are ‘apart’ and are opened and closed simultaneously with the injection, creating counter pressure. This reduces the required injection pressure, resulting in considerable savings in energy and material use. Less material for efficient flow means a considerable weight reduction in comparison to the traditional methods. The final product also cools faster, achieving a 20-50% reduction in cycle time, depending on the application. The EcoFit® technology can use lighter machines than traditional injection moulding, resulting in a lower depreciation. In short, its efficiency leads to lots of savings in many areas!

Dutch flexibility

EcoFit® is a technology developed exclusively by Bordex Packaging in the Netherlands. The basic moulds are produced in the Netherlands and can be converted for many products, using various mould sections for variable heights.


The added value that EcoFit® provides is already proving itself daily. The first series have been successfully introduced: the tried and tested 187 series and the versatile M series of meal trays. The technology is not only intended for series production, it also provides interesting capabilities for mid-sized custom projects. If you would like to know more about the many advantages of this sustainable technology, please contact us.

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