PP360® reusable cups: available in 20cl, 25cl, 33cl, 40cl and 50cl.

The PP360® series is the perfect sustainable choice for reusable cups at festivals and events. The hard cups are made of polypropylene (PP) and have a slightly milky tint. Due to the growing demand for sustainable drinking cups, the need for hard cups will increase further in the coming years. Until recently, however, the range was limited and little varied.

This led to our belief that there was room for improvement. After thorough research, both on site and at the office, the Bordex Packaging development team analysed the wishes and requirements of users and event planners and translated them into the PP360® hard cup series. This makes PP360® cups the ultimate choice at the moment.

Innovative Features

PP360® cups offer significant improvements over the existing range of hard cups. The extensive range, available in five sizes, has several innovative features. The cups have a refined and more rounded drinking rim, which makes for an extremely enjoyable drinking experience.HardCups Sustainability is key, which is why we have significantly reduced the weight of the cup by making smart use of variable wall thicknesses. This saves up to 20% in material, without compromising on quality. In addition, the cups have a unique 360° stacking edge at the bottom, which ensures perfect stackability of the cups. The placement of this stacking edge significantly reduces the stacking height, allowing up to 20% more cups to be placed in a box or basket. In addition, each PP360® cup has an almost flat bottom to prevent mould formation.

Unbreakable and fragmentation-proof!

An important bonus of PP360® hard cups is that they counter the disposable mentality by means of a deposit. The result is that at festivals, about 90% of the cups are returned to the bar. However, a completely spotless festival site is an ideal that is rarely achieved. A small percentage of cups still end up on the festival grounds and are trampled. In almost all cases, this leads to fragmentation, which is a significant security risk. PP360® hard cups, on the other hand, are made of unbreakable, semi-transparent polypropylene. The cup may deform under the influence of force, but it will not fragment. The cups are practically indestructible and therefore completely safe. In addition, the hard cups are what we call ‘Raptab compatible’, which guarantees a high throughput of (beer) drinks.

More information about PP360® hard cups?

Curious about the possibilities for your business, event or festival? Please contact Ali Keskin, Account Manager Events Bordex Packaging: telephone 0031 (0) 6 29 41 30 97 or email akeskin@bordex.nl


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