Snack’nBox: the sustainable snack vegetable packaging. Now suitable for automatic processing!

Convenience, good product information and recyclable materials. The upgraded Snack’nBox fully meets the wishes of today’s customer. The innovative packaging for snack vegetables is characterised by a sturdy design, maximum contents visibility and its easy closure. The Snack’nBox is produced from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard. Ideal for about 500 grams of delicious tomatoes or other colourful snack vegetables. It’s delivered in a ‘craft look’ version as standard; but is also available with a custom print!

Snack'nBox packaging Maximum product visibility

The Snack’nBox packaging is produced from 100% recycled and moisture-resistant cardboard. Soon available in two versions: with and without a dispenser function. The former variant guarantees an easily resealable packaging. The eye-catching check pattern not only ensures that the packaged product is clearly visible, but also guarantees optimum ventilation; even when the products are stacked. This prevents the formation of condensation, thus preventing mould. After use, the packaging can easily be folded, which in turn saves space in the paper and cardboard recyling bin. Just as handy!

Fully automated processing

Efficient packing of snack vegetables demands good automation! In close consultation with Koppert Machines from Poeldijk, the existing Snack’nBox was further optimised and made suitable for automatic processing. The slightly conical shape makes the box excellent for automatic nesting. And with a relatively small adjustment to existing filling lines, this new Snack’nBox version can be filled quickly, efficiently and sustainably. In addition, the packaging has another important advantage. The dimensions conform to the ‘collomoduul’ format; no less than 15 boxes can be perfectly packed in one crate. That means immediate CO2 gains!

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