Two nominations for PressurePack

PressurePack has secured a staggering two nominations. The concept was nominated in the ‘Innovation Packaging’ category for the NL-PackagingAwards 2020. The category covers five recommendations that are demonstrably innovative and, as such, fulfil one or more functions better. Last week, PressurePack received a second nomination, this time for the 2020 De Gouden Noot. Through this prestigious packaging award, the NVC (Netherlands Packaging Centre) encourages innovations in the field of packed products, as well as packaging.

Revolutionary meal preparation method

PressurePack represents a smart, revolutionary, ‘breathing’ packaging concept! Thanks to a controlled pressure build-up, the contents (often a meal) are cooked under the most ideal conditions. In only three minutes! The smart hole (valve), integrated into the rim of the tray, creates just the right amount of pressure build-up. Switch on that microwave oven and off you go! The increase in pressure generates a circular airflow and the foil will slowly start to balloon. This causes the tab in the corner to lift, enabling excess air to escape, preventing overpressure and cooking the contents to perfection in their own steam. It optimally preserves nutrients, vitamins and minerals! Not only does PressurePack offer ease of use (and preparation) but your meal is also cooked better, faster and healthier!


Not only smart but also sustainable!

In contrast with other steam meals, PressurePack packaging does not contain other materials. The valve has been ‘smartly’ incorporated into the rim of the tray, which means it consists only of 100% recyclable mono-material. And thanks to controlled pressure build-up, there is no need for extra-strong walls either. Combined with our EcoFit technology, we can save up to 20% in (raw) materials.

10 finalists!

The next ‘Gouden Noot’ jury round is scheduled for Wednesday 7 October this year, when the ten finalists will be given the opportunity to present their entries to the full jury. The jury will then decide which entry wins gold, silver and bronze. The award ceremony of the 30th edition of the De Gouden Noot packaging innovation competition will take place in Amsterdam (A’DAM Tower) on Thursday 8 October and it will be streamed live.

The NL Packaging Awards will be presented on 11 February 2021.

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