We accept our responsibility

When it comes to sustainability, we, as trendsetters in the packaging industry, accept our responsibility. In fact, we like to go the extra mile, e.g. we go further in reducing material and energy use, and increasing transport and recycling efficiency. Responsible ecological and commercial aspects are also areas in which we like to provide added value.

Optimal protection

We provide high-quality packaging solutions, which we produce with increasingly sustainable technology and reduced material usage. A good example is our unique EcoFit® injection moulding technology. We achieve this without making concessions to the high quality standards required of our packaging by our customers in the Food Industry, Food service and Inflight Catering.


A tough approach to CO2 reduction requires sustainable use of materials. We focus on lighter materials and the use of less material. Our patented EcoFit® programme is exclusive; revolutionary injection moulding technology which guarantees the positive properties of injection moulding, but using 30% less material.

Conscious choices

Corporate social responsibility is second nature to us. We are keen when it comes to responsible production processes, reduction of waste amounts and recycling of material. We expect no less of our preferred suppliers. Together we are taking steps to increasingly control and improve any negative environmental impact throughout the entire chain.

Hybrid technology: minimal environmental impact

A good example of environmentally-aware production is the hybrid technology with which we produce our injection moulded packaging. The electrical injection process, and even fully electrical injection moulding (electrical injection and electrical closing), is considerably more sustainable than traditional technology. The machines in the production facility involved are also equipped with an innovative propulsion concept which allows us to produce faster and more energy-efficiently.

Want to know more about sustainability?

Ask our experienced specialists. They can provide extensive information on the measures we employ regarding sustainable products and processes.

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