Two nominations for PressurePack

PressurePack has secured a staggering two nominations. The concept was nominated in the ‘Innovation Packaging’ category for the NL-PackagingAwards 2020. The category covers five recommendations that are demonstrably innovative and, as such, fulfil one or more functions better. Last week, PressurePack received a second nomination, this time for the 2020 De Gouden Noot. Through this […]

Snack’nBox: the sustainable snack vegetable packaging. Now suitable for automatic processing!

Convenience, good product information and recyclable materials. The upgraded Snack’nBox fully meets the wishes of today’s customer. The innovative packaging for snack vegetables is characterised by a sturdy design, maximum contents visibility and its easy closure. The Snack’nBox is produced from 100% recycled and recyclable cardboard. Ideal for about 500 grams of delicious tomatoes or […]

Hi-Tapas serving tray! Surprising presentation.

In the world of catering, everything revolves around the best quality. The taste is one, but how is it presented? Bordex Packaging launches the ‘Next-gen’ presentation and catering tray, made of 100% recycled PET. The ‘Hi-Tapas’ dish is a striking serving tray that optimally combines functionality, design, size and sustainability! Luxuriously made tapas and gourmet […]

PET360® cups, the best option for circular use

Circular PET360® cups from Bordex Packaging have outstanding properties and have therefore often become irreplaceable. As part of a circular economy, they are excellent for use at festivals and other events, provided that they are fully recycled. After use, they have to be collected quickly and efficiently for recycling, so that the post-consumer PET waste […]

Bordex Packaging is working on sustainable solutions.