Fast Packaging & EcoFit®. A strong combination

Product lifecycles are getting shorter, and packaging lifecycles are shortening along with them. As a result, demand for faster launches and shorter time-to-market is rising. The combination of Fast Packaging & EcoFit® is perfect for a fast product launch. The concept enables rapid response to market developments and makes it relatively cheap to bring a first […]

Gastronorm trays (IM) for professional use

Introducing the Gastronorm injection moulding (IM) series, developed by Bordex for industrial food applications. The trays are suitable for various processes, including modified atmosphere packaging, pasteurising, sealing, and vacuum sealing. The universal European size means the trays easily fit in all metal GN containers, racks, and trolleys.

PET ‘Fruits ‘n Veggies’ series: now also available in cost-effective 16 and 20 oz. versions

Our versatile PET ‘Fruits ‘n Veggies’ glasses are a highly practical, attractive and safe solution for presenting snack vegetables, smoothies, slush puppies or other liquid snacks. PET has outstanding properties: it is safe, unbreakable and splinter-free. The glasses are perfectly stackable and sealable. Our ‘Fruits ‘n Veggies’ glasses are crystal clear, lightweight, and easy to […]

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